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Jan 10, 2019
3pm Sat 12th Jan Riverside Park
Jan 3, 2019
3pm Sat 5th Jan At Netherdale
Dec 25, 2018

Booker Border League & Skelly Cup

2pm Wed 26th Dec & Riverside

Snow clearing volunteers needed!!

Jan 18, 2018
Category: General
Saturday 20th Jan
We are desperate to ensure that Saturdays game goes ahead so we may need all hands on deck on Saturday morning from 8am onwards. We need snow shovels and wheel barrows.
We are going to test out machinery on Friday night but if it's going to damage the pitch we will need as many of our loyal supporters as possible to help on Saturday.
We will keep you informed here, on our website and on twitter but please, please help if you can if we do send out the S,O,S

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