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Sep 14, 2018
3pm Sat 15th Sept
Sep 7, 2018
3pm Riverside 8th Sept
Aug 31, 2018

3pm Sat 1st Sept

Rubislaw Playing Fields

Kelso v Jed - Now being played tonight!!

Mar 9, 2018
Category: General
7.30pm Friday 9th March @ Poynder Park

Apologies for the late switch.

Jed squad.

15 Lewis Young 
14 Rory Marshall 
13 Gregor Young 
12 Monty Mitchell 
11 Robbie Shirra Gibb 
10 Ewan Scott 
9 Sean Goodfellow 
1 Grant Paxton 
2 Cameron Mackay 
3 Paulo Ferreira 
4 Clark Skeldon 
5 Gregor Law 
6 Andrew Sanders 
7 Blake Roff 
8 Darren Gillespie

16 Jamie Oliver 
17 Joe Northwood 
18 Jack Howe 
19 Robbie Yourston 
20 Callum Young

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