Club statement!

Aug 4, 2015
Category: General
Regarding the north end banking.

As a result of the malicious misinformation being spread around the town as regards the removal of the banking at the North End of Riverside Park the clubs present management team and General Committee would like to point out the truth as to what is actually going on. 

The option to tidy up the banking at the North end by levelling it off (still at a raised level and grading it away into the car park) was suggested some time ago to the clubs management executive, who after considering the benefits of such a development, some of which are, an enhanced parking area for disabled or infirm members, (who will be able to park close to the pitch perimeter and view the games from their car), the creation of more level areas for training, mini rugby pitches etc. an enhanced and safer area for those attending the Sponsors Marquee at the Sevens to view the tournament and to extend the usable area for events such as Riverside Rock.  After consideration of all these gains it was decided to take the idea to the general committee who agreed that it was appropriate to take the development forward.  As the area had to be usable as soon as possible it was essential that the work should commence immediately.  It should also be noted that nothing is being removed, apart from a patchy hedge and a few replaceable trees, with the sub soil and top soil simply being spread around.  Obviously if in the future it’s decided the banking removal has not been advantageous, it can simply be re- instated.  It should also be noted that the present work is being carried out at minimal cost by hard working people who are totally committed to the club. 

Management and committee at Jed-Forest RFC re iterate their commitment to taking the club forward and to continue to be an ambitious and forward thinking rugby club.  GET BEHIND THE CLUB!